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Alice and Riza, volunteers in Emmaus Toulouse Solidarity workcamp

Alice, 21, studies French in the University of Taïwan.

It’s been 3 years since Alice started studying French. This year, she decided to volunteer during one month in Emmaus Toulouse Solidarity workcamp which takes place in Labarthe sur Lèze. It is her french teacher who told her about Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamps. Alice also met students who told her about their experiences as volunteers during Emmaus Solidarity workcamps.

“A place you want to come back to”

About her experience, Alice says “I really like this place because people are so nice and welcome us with kindness. (…) I wasn’t expected to do all these activities, we did a lot of outings and we also went to parties.
To describe her experience, Alice mentions the word “warm”. “A place you want to come back to. People are so kind here”.

Riza, 20, also took part in Emmaus’ Toulouse Solidarity workcamp.

Turkish student at the francophone University of Galatasaray, Riza came for three weeks after his roomates advised him to take part in an Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamp.
– A few words to describe your experience ?
“Work, sharing, parties and multicultural. I really enjoyed it”.

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