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Angers community : “It allows people to discover a world that is often far removed from what young people know”.

N°1 : Since when do you welcome young people in the summer?

The community of Angers has already welcomed young people in the past, but we really took over the hosting of summer workcamps last year.

N°2 : What does it represent for you to welcome young people?

It’s multiple, it allows to discover a world that is often very far from what the young people know, it also allows us to bring energy and openness to the members of the community, whether companions or volunteers. Welcoming young people brings another atmosphere.

N°3: What do they mainly bring to the community?

Extra arms! We’re not going to lie to each other, in the communities extra arms are always good. A summer workcamp allows us to strengthen the teams, to set up projects that remain in the boxes or to create projects based on the desires of the young people.

N°4: How is the cohabitation in the community?

Cohabitation is going rather well, we sometimes have to deal with the late sleepers.

N°5: If you were to pass something on to the young people who will read this article?

Taking part in a summer work camp is an opportunity to get to know an Emmaus community in its everyday life, it is an opportunity to live an experience rich in encounters, exchanges and learning about the circular economy.

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