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Beyza : « It was my first experience as a volunteer, it boosted my self-confidence ».

For her first experience as a volunteer, Beyza decided to take part in Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamps. She came to France to live in immersion during 3 weeks in Emmaus’ Etoile community, where she was welcomed by companions, volunteers and Eric and Alexée, the supervisor and the secretary of the association.

Before registering, Beyza didn’t know Emmaus : « I’ve heard about Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamps because my friends who are studying in Galatasaray, a francophone University in Istanbul, took part in an Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamp last year. « I did some research about Emmaus and I’ve read about l’Abbé Pierre, but there are not much information about him in turkish. (laughing) »

A little bit worried before arriving, Beyza has integrated very well into the community.

It boosted my self-confidence ».
Everyday, we’re sorting out and preparing clothes before selling in the afternoon ».
« The best thing here is what people give me. We don’t speak the same language but we can understand eachothers. They are helpful, they are good people. I can say I made friends here ».

« Friendly, helpfull and peacefull» are the words Beyza has chosen to describe her experience.

As a memory, she mentioned the day where she painted with Victoria, a 8 years old girl who lives in the community. They couldn’t speak the same language but, to Beyza, it was a special moment : « At this time, I undersood there were an international language ».

If she had to talk about Emmaus’ Solidarity workcamps to friends of her, she will say « it makes you open your mind, it is multicultural, and it makes you learn about french culture. You should go ! You should learn !

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